The International Pictograms Standard

The Portland Oregon Visitor’s Association (POVA) and the Office of International Relations of the City of Portland, OR called upon Pictoform to help the City better serve it’s rapidly expanding ranks of foreign visitors. It had become obvious that there did not exist a set of universally recognized pictorial symbols that covered the full range of public activities. By incorporating a standard of globally accepted pictograms for widespread and consistent use, Portland hopes to create a city in which an international mix of tourism and trade can communicate with ease.

At the conclusion of the research and design project, Todd Pierce authored The International Pictograms Standard – the definitive collection of international symbols for use within the urban environment.


History of Pictograms

The Portland Project

Creating a Worldwide Standard

How to use Pictograms

And over 160 illustrations

Pictoform provided consulting services to the government of South Korea in developing a standards for the 2002 World Cup Soccer Games and later completed a lengthy project with the Korean Tourism Research Institute to establish the county’s international pictograms standards.

Today, Todd Pierce and Pictoform are recognized as leading experts in pictogram development and use. With the first edition of the book currently sold out, you can obtain the interactive CD ROM by contacting us.

UPDATE 2018: Todd Pierce now takes everyday icons and turns these into Fine Art works. Todd’s work is currently on exhibit in Wynwood, Miami at the Oliver Cole Gallery, 301 NW 28th Street and at other galleries throughout the world.