Arizona State University

With the new Parking Access & Revenue Control System being implemented at each of ASU’s eleven parking structures, a need for PARCS-related signage was imperative. This major project however presented a larger opportunity –  to overhaul the entire wayfinding and signage program for parking facilities.

Vehicular directional signage, pedestrian directional signage, code-required signage, and wayfinding graphics and signage would be addressed along with the pay-related overlay of signage in an effort to create a uniform branding and communication system designed and built to make the parking experience an easy one.


Services Provided:

Environmental Graphics & Signage Standards Manual;

Survey of eight Tempe Campus and three Downtown Phoenix garages leading to the preparation of comprehensive Sign Location Plans, Construction Documentation & Artwork for manufacturing;

Comprehensive Paint Plans and Specifications;

The entire project was completed on schedule and within budget.